Membership of the Orkney Archaeology Society not only signals your support for our work but also gives you the opportunity to receive up to date information about our activities, the right to vote on important issues that affect the Society and a copy of our newsletter.

Please let us know if you are happy to receive the newsletter and any other Society information via email - this will save the Society printing and postage costs. If you are overseas we will use email for all communications including the Society newsletter unless you opt to pay the mailing supplement described below.

The Society also has  a Facebook page and we regularly update the website with information on upcoming talks and events.

If you are already a member, please select renewals as this saves us both money and headaches in sending out duplicate information and keeping accurate records!

£ 150.00 each

Life Membership

For individuals who do not want to worry about subscribing each year you can pay a single Life Membership subscription  and never need to renew.

£ 15.00 each

Ordinary Membership

An annual subscription for individuals.

£ 22.00 each

Family Membership

An annual subscription for family members  living in one household giving a significant saving over each family member registering for an individual Ordinary membership.

£ 10.00 each

Concessionary Membership

An annual subscription  at a reduced rate for individual senior citizens, unwaged individuals or full-time students.

£ 18.00 each

Concessionary Couple Membership

An annual membership  for two Concessionary members living at the same address giving a significant saving over two individual Concessionary memberships.

£ 7.50 each

Mailing Supplement

For members who reside outside the European Union  we ask you to pay an additional amount to cover the increased mailing costs for the Newsletters and any other society correspondence. 

If paying through our online shop, please add this item to your basket before checkout, or if using the downloadable  membership form please tick the corresponding box and add the amount to your total payment.

You can avoid paying this supplement if you are happy to receive the newsletter by email as a pdf 

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