The Committee

The OAS committee meets once per month  as is responsible for the management of all aspects of the Society's  activities.



The  date of the next committee meeting is shown in the Calendar and members who wish to make suggestions  or raise issues are welcome to submit them using the Contacts page.

The current committee members are:

      Nick Card                         Chair

      Andrew Appleby                Vice Chair

      Phil Wilkinson                   Treasurer

      Caz Mamwell                    Website & Facebook

      Keith Brown                     Education / Young People

      Anne Mitchell                   Events Organiser

      Annabel Eltome                OAS Shop Manager

      Helen Woodsford-Dean     Education/ Young People 

      Ingrid Mainland                Events Organiser     

      Martin Carruthers             Member


In addition  for efficiency there are a number of specialist sub-committees reporting back to the main committee:

Fundraising Sub-committee                       OAS Shop Sub-committee

Andrew Appleby                                              Annabel Eltome (Convenor)

Anne Mitchell                                                  Phil Wilkinson

Annabel Eltome                                               Andrew Appleby




  OAS Incorporation Sub-committee      Finance Sub-committee      

  Nick Card  (Convenor)                                     Phil Wilkinson

  Keith Brown                                                   Nick Card

  Phil Wilkinson                                                 Keith Brown 

  Anne Mitchell                                                      

The entire OAS Committee is re-elected by membership vote annually at the Society A.G.M.  The Office Bearers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer) may serve for a maximum of 5 years before standing down.


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