Membership Application Form Membership_Application_Form


PDF document Membership Application.pdf  contained in Zip File.

If you wish to apply for membership of the Orkney Archaeology Society and wish to pay your subscription by Cheque or by Annual Standing Order through your bank  (preferred method for UK members)  rather than electronically please download this file,  unzip the Membership Application.pdf file to a location on your computer  and print it.   

If you wish to pay by Annual standing Order   Complete the application form Clearly in ink, including the Standing Order mandate.  Detatch the Standing Order mandate and RETURN IT DIRECTLY TO YOUR BANK.  Return the remainder of the form to the OAS PO box address shown on the form.

If you wish to Pay by Cheque  Complete the Application form clearly in ink  and  return it with your cheque to the OAS PO box address shown on the form .

If you are a UK taxpayer please consider signing the GIFT AID DECLARATION which allows the OAS to claim back the tax on your subscription

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